Saturday, September 25, 2010

Momentary Lapse

Sunk Cost. It is a concept in Costing where you treat certain costs that you have incurred on some previous occasion as sunk or irrelevant. Which means if you have to decide on doing (or not doing) something today, just ignore what money you spent in the past. Make your decision based on what money you will spend in the future. Sounds really simple. But when the left brain starts functioning its really difficult to rationalize.

How beautifully this concept of Costing teaches us to live in the present moment. Forget what has happened in the past and just live in the present. In life too it is equally difficult to apply this sutra. Only a conscious effort from within get us back to the present, in the moment.

Everyday is different. Somedays are exceptionally beautiful while the others suck big time. I think its this act of balancing that highlights the importance of each day you live. In many ways it keeps you grounded.

When you face a terrible day, learn and let it go. Don't carry it forward the next day. You will only saddle yourself with the load from the past. Its very difficult to not refer back or sit and ponder over the past but to move ahead you have to place that barricade.

Keep reminding yourself that every day is a new day, every moment has to be lived to its fullest essence and every breath adds to make your life as beautiful as it is now. So acknowledge it. Respect it. Cherish it.


PS: I had a terrible day doing costing and the act of getting over it is on.


Ohmcar said...

Hey... That was nice. I would like to know more about Costing though...

Moon said...

I like! "Concept of Costing" seems to be my subject of interest at the moment:P You should have read this blog out loud last night, nice pep talk! (Points) ;)

Moon said...

I like the pic- NOW! very motivating :D

Suresh Kumar said...

costing mein philosophy...

hmm... great....:)

Shows that u r so committed to studies... gud going... :)

Sid! said...

costing?? cant u like write sth even remotely interesting? why studies? why why why? tat reminds me..i havnt tuchd costin, costin theory, costing complitation costing module..blah blah blah!!! :( :(

Dhandal said...

Omi: I m sure you don't want to know anything more than this about costing.

Moon: Your subject of interest lies in something really deeper which soon you will realise!

Suresh: When you sit to study na tho baaki sab yaad aata hai :)

Sid: I can only smile right now!

abha said...

haha...i liked ur comment for moon..
also da concept.this is called internalising CA in ur life!