Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Quarter

What kept me away from my blog for the past 4 months? Lets see, October was a crunch period when I was busy cramping for my CA Final exams. November was the exam month. So till the 22nd only studies were on my mind. The remaining days of that month went in doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

Come December and my travel attack began. The first week I was at my uncles in Pune. The next week I went to Igatpuri for a 10 day Vippasana meditation course. And at the end of the month the gang of girls vacationed at Kerala. We welcomed 2011 in the most serene and innovative way. It was extremely self- satisfying for me to have successfully accomplished our first ever 10 day long trip to a place far far away from home.

The New Year has begun and with the first month bidding us adieu new memories have already taken shape. The experiences teach you a great deal. You know you have learned from them only when you are put in a similar situation again and you react in a positive manner. I found myself in one such situation and all I could do is thank my stars for it. It’s an unpredictable world out there. You never know what will strike you; hit you hard, right on your face. You just learn with every jolt. Get up on your feet and smile wide.

January too had many days which involved nothing but only lazing around, sleeping whole day long, and watching Bostan Legal day and night. I have lazed around enough. Enough to gain a few kilos! Now its time to fasten my seat belts and get into the third gear, to begin with, with my books.

It is just a matter of time told a reassuring voice on the afternoon of 21st January, 2011 when the exam results were declared. I believe in what she said and more over I believe in myself. It indeed is just a matter of time.

January was a month of seeing off friends, promising to meet only when the year comes to an end, getting connected and reconnected with new and old friends.

February looks like a promising month. After a year long break from attending dance class and performing in public forums I have two events lined up one for feb and the other for march! Ofcourse you are invited for both!

Its never a wrong time to make resolutions and never too late to work upon those which you didn’t keep up with! It pricks more to read what you have written and realize that you haven’t been following it. So the best way is to blog about it. To begin with I want to

1) straighten my sleep clock,

2) get up not later than 6am,

3) practice yoga and meditation,

4) shed a few kilos,

5) not eat junk,

6) not sleep in the afternoon,

7) read a book other than the study material,

8) keep my room tidy always,

Will keep adding to the list as and when more things come up.

Till then have a fantastic February!


Suresh Kumar said...

Now comes the real test :)
All the best

pooja said...

:)...Very nicely written..!!

sid! said...

1) straighten my sleep clock

umm..wat angle is it ryt nw? :P