Thursday, September 15, 2016


Matra Mandir
Quickie -

Day 0: Chennai to Pondicherry – Drive – 150 Kms – 2.5 hours
Dinner at Ajanta Beach side restaurant

Day 1: The Sacred Heart of Basilica Church, Quick Bite at Bakers Street Café, Auroville Town, Matra Mandir, Cinnoman Coffee at The Greek Café, Serenity Beach, Dinner at Café Xtasi

Day 2: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Shopping at Local market, Lunch at Kasha ki Aasha Café, Quick Bite at Bob’s Café, Mahabalipuram

The real deal -

As I entered Sri Aurobindo Ashram on a cloudy afternoon, little did I know how this small and quaint space would greet me. I walked in and saw an open space where the Samadhi lay. Adorned with flowers it looked beautiful. Though the board above it read ‘Do not touch the Samadhi to meditate’ I saw a few devotees resting their heads on the lap of their Master and absorb His energy. I simply touched the marble in respect and walked to the other side. We sat on the floor for a couple of minutes before we headed to look at the remaining parts of the Ashram. I had entered this place with absolutely no preparation for being in a meditative space. Wearing jeans and jacket, stuffed with heavy Indian breakfast on a lazy Monday noon, I sat there. But even before I knew, my legs were crossed; hands upturned resting on my legs and eyes closed. Those brief moments that I experienced as I sat there made me feel alive. I drew an absolute blank, although be it for a few minutes. The space certainly had immense energy. There have been very few places which have eased me into meditation. Had I not been tapped to get going, I am certain I would have comfortably spent a reasonable time here. Probably, its an indication that I need to visit this place again soon.

Pondicherry is a place that can be explored in 2-3 days without much running around. In a block of 4-5 kms from where we stayed, the main town could be easily covered.

View from Ajantha Beach Restaurant
The White Town is a block which is situated alongside Bay of Bengal. It has a typical architecture with buildings white washed with plain and simple colours. The roads criss-crossing at every turning would certainly make you scratch your head in wonderment if you have taken the right path or not. We walked from one extreme to the other to get to Ajantha Beach House for dinner. We crossed the Gandhi statue which was flooded with little humans playing up and down the multiple slopes the statue is upright on. The natural ambiance, roaring waves, splash on the rocks made up for the just about average food that was served. After spending some time sitting by the water, we headed back to retire for the day. 

Post the complimentary breakfast the Hotel served us on the next day, The Sacred Heart of Basilica was our first stop. We spent a couple of minutes at this quite Church. It was interesting to observe how people from different region and religion conduct themselves. We then drove around the Grand Bazaar hoping to find something to shop but to our dismay it was a wholesale market for vegetables and spices. The roads were so narrow and occupied with trucks on either sides that we decided to drive through to our next destination.

The layered Khari and Custard dessert
Bakers Street was next on our list. A friend told me about this place just the day I left for Pondy. It’s a well lit café in the heart of the town which serves desserts, assortments of salads and ice creams. We gorged on a Caramel and Exotique (mixed fruit) ice cream. The tanginess of Exotique was rightly balanced with the sweet and saltiness the Caramel had to offer. We also called for a dessert which was basically Khari layered with custard multiple times over, a fascinating dessert I have had in the recent times.

The Path of Yoga
We headed to Auroville. Thanks to Google uncle, it took us through the most wildest of the routes! We literally drove through the jungle to get to this place. Of course there is a good concrete road leading to Auroville but our navigator had other plans. It would have certainly been a scary ride had it been past sunset. But thankfully it turned out to be a bumpy yet adventurous drive right in the middle of the day. Unfortunately we could not get the passes to enter Matra Mandir for the next day. Tuesdays it is closed for visitors. On the first floor of the building opposite to the Information center is an exhibition. While conversing with the volunteer lady who looked after that place, my eyes fell on a picture. The moment I read it I had a broad smile on my face and a chill down my spine. The picture read, ‘THE PATH OF YOGA. The mother made this drawing to explain to a child the meaning of Yoga. Man is at the bottom, the divine at the top. The wavy line is the path of the ordinary life, the straight line the path of Yoga.’ I fell in love with this place the very instance.

Our love for handicrafts, candle and fragrances drew us to the multiple boutiques that were housed within Auroville. The place has a lot to. We finally picked up a few asymmetrical ceramic mugs.

Post lunch at Auroville’s café we walked in the direction of Matra Mandir. The big gorgeous golden globe was a sight worth seeing from up close. It was gigantic. But I feel saddened by the fact that we could not go inside to meditate. Yet another reason for me to visit again! Sitting there absorbing its beauty, I realized how spaces hold power in them. Geometry truly magnifies energy.

Serenity Beach
Our next stop was the Greek Café for we were told it served the best Cinnamon coffee. I would call it an over rated place since the coffee was just about average but the location was pleasant. On our way back we stopped at the Serenity Beach. The beach wasn’t quite clean and neither did I find it exceptional but it was nevertheless a good break to sit by the waves and stare into the oblivion. What I missed doing was to take a walk alongside the shore. Saving this as well for the next time!

At Cafe Xtasi
I have recently fallen in love, totally and absolutely with water! The Hotel offered a roof top swimming pool which was just the perfect way to wrap the day. With a nice relaxing shower post the swim we headed to Café Xtasi. This place offers wood fired Pizza’s and we weren’t disappointed with what they put in front of us, though will slightly less salt! Post the eventful day and a relaxing evening, we jammed to some music and called it a day.

Next day after the sumptuous breakfast we headed to Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Around noon we decided to conclude our stay by picking up some souvenirs from the local market for friends and family. Slight hunger pangs drew us to walk up to Kasha ki Aasha, an art boutique and a local café located in the narrow by lanes of Pondicherry. Once we reached this place we wished we had gotten here earlier! A beautiful roof top café, with great food, it was a perfect location to simply dig into the spacious cane chairs lined with cushions and read or simply be lost in your own thoughts.

Bob's Cafe
We decided to take the East Coast Road towards Chennai with a plan to halt at Mahabalipuram to explore its stone beauty. Unfortunately, due to the political unrest at Chennai and Bangalore over the Cauvery water issue, we had to stop multiple times on our way, leading to a major delay to reach Mahabalipuram before sunset. We however did get to Mahabalipuram and spent some time at Bob’s roof top Café overseeing the beach and grabbed a quick bite.

A quick weekend gateaway, even for a Mumbaite like me, Pondicherry is a close knit town which holds immense aesthetic beauty and rich cultural heritage worth exploring. A town which bursts with surprises from its little nooks and corners, I am certain to visit again and discover more of its hidden treasures.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Common Thread

There is something common in all the families that have lived right opposite my balcony. As far as my memory backs me, i remember the cries from this particular house quite vividly. Be it during my 10th std board exams or 12th. My CPT days or TYbcom. Every family that has once lived there has delivered a beautiful baby.Yup, thats their comman thread. A mere observation.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


1) Yet again funny things happened today.

2) I did not clean up my room!

3) My heads heavy and i m super sleepy. So good night for now. 

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Heart skips a beat

Sitting in the balcony on her cane chair, sipping her morning tea and gazing at the rays she thought to herself, "Why be upset with someone who hasn't been a part of my life for a long time. Not many are here to stick around. Looks like he isn't one of them either." Moving on with her daily chores she freshened up for work. It was like any other day but still there seemed to be some tightness in the air. She could feel it but couldn't say what it really was. Perhaps it was because she had woken up thinking about him after many days. Perhaps not.

She fixed a quick meal for two and foil packed it perfectly in their respective lunch boxes. By now she could hear hustle bustle from the other room. It meant he was up. Her face lit up. Today was her last chance to hug him tight, kiss him bright and bid him a final adieu. Within minutes he would be gone. Gone for good. She would never get to see her bundle of joy again. Her son would be taken away from her only because the law said so.

A tear rolled down her cheek before she finally mustered courage to head into his room to dress him one last time and hold him close to her heart for ever and ever. 

Friday, September 02, 2011


This happens once in every few years. I receive a similar type of news from 2 or more people who are not even remotely related to each other yet they are all close to me.

This time around it will go down in history!

Sob sob! :( 

Dhisssssssh (sound of breaking heart!)

PS: Happy wala birthday dearest Ganpati Baapa! Tu bhi na ekdam funny hai!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We often meet new people in our lives. At work place, at some classes, in a share rick or may be even randomly on the road! Have you lately connected with someone after several years? Are you getting to know a person who works with you or with whom you share a ride to and back home from work? Do you happen to exchange messages late until midnight and beyond when your eyes just refuse to transport you to the dream world?

People come into our lives. Some are here to stay while many leave us at some point. A forwarded message that i received via mail describes beautifully how we are attached to people and how we should know to let go of them.

With some you know its not meant to stay for long. So while you are with them cherish every moment. Enjoy. Be a part of the happenings. Let your hair down. Don't hold back. Dance away to glory!

For all those who are part of my life, and to those who are yet to come, a big thank you.

God bless us all :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peek -a- boo

Will be back soon.

Exams get over on the 8th and i already have a list of things to do and places to go. As of now a weekend at Pilani, Rajasthan and couple of days in Ahemdabad, Gujarat are surely happening! :)

Will the day getting closer and closer the restlessness is creeping in. Well best of luck to me for the next couple of days. Keep visiting!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



In leaps and bounds you grow,
you grow to learn the truth,
the truth that shows you a new side,
a new side which widens your perspective for life.
For life teaches you to make mistakes,
make mistakes only to rise from them.


Monday, March 21, 2011



Its just an illusion of you that makes me smile and i smile away.



Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Quarter

What kept me away from my blog for the past 4 months? Lets see, October was a crunch period when I was busy cramping for my CA Final exams. November was the exam month. So till the 22nd only studies were on my mind. The remaining days of that month went in doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

Come December and my travel attack began. The first week I was at my uncles in Pune. The next week I went to Igatpuri for a 10 day Vippasana meditation course. And at the end of the month the gang of girls vacationed at Kerala. We welcomed 2011 in the most serene and innovative way. It was extremely self- satisfying for me to have successfully accomplished our first ever 10 day long trip to a place far far away from home.

The New Year has begun and with the first month bidding us adieu new memories have already taken shape. The experiences teach you a great deal. You know you have learned from them only when you are put in a similar situation again and you react in a positive manner. I found myself in one such situation and all I could do is thank my stars for it. It’s an unpredictable world out there. You never know what will strike you; hit you hard, right on your face. You just learn with every jolt. Get up on your feet and smile wide.

January too had many days which involved nothing but only lazing around, sleeping whole day long, and watching Bostan Legal day and night. I have lazed around enough. Enough to gain a few kilos! Now its time to fasten my seat belts and get into the third gear, to begin with, with my books.

It is just a matter of time told a reassuring voice on the afternoon of 21st January, 2011 when the exam results were declared. I believe in what she said and more over I believe in myself. It indeed is just a matter of time.

January was a month of seeing off friends, promising to meet only when the year comes to an end, getting connected and reconnected with new and old friends.

February looks like a promising month. After a year long break from attending dance class and performing in public forums I have two events lined up one for feb and the other for march! Ofcourse you are invited for both!

Its never a wrong time to make resolutions and never too late to work upon those which you didn’t keep up with! It pricks more to read what you have written and realize that you haven’t been following it. So the best way is to blog about it. To begin with I want to

1) straighten my sleep clock,

2) get up not later than 6am,

3) practice yoga and meditation,

4) shed a few kilos,

5) not eat junk,

6) not sleep in the afternoon,

7) read a book other than the study material,

8) keep my room tidy always,

Will keep adding to the list as and when more things come up.

Till then have a fantastic February!