Sunday, April 08, 2012

Heart skips a beat

Sitting in the balcony on her cane chair, sipping her morning tea and gazing at the rays she thought to herself, "Why be upset with someone who hasn't been a part of my life for a long time. Not many are here to stick around. Looks like he isn't one of them either." Moving on with her daily chores she freshened up for work. It was like any other day but still there seemed to be some tightness in the air. She could feel it but couldn't say what it really was. Perhaps it was because she had woken up thinking about him after many days. Perhaps not.

She fixed a quick meal for two and foil packed it perfectly in their respective lunch boxes. By now she could hear hustle bustle from the other room. It meant he was up. Her face lit up. Today was her last chance to hug him tight, kiss him bright and bid him a final adieu. Within minutes he would be gone. Gone for good. She would never get to see her bundle of joy again. Her son would be taken away from her only because the law said so.

A tear rolled down her cheek before she finally mustered courage to head into his room to dress him one last time and hold him close to her heart for ever and ever. 

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