Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We often meet new people in our lives. At work place, at some classes, in a share rick or may be even randomly on the road! Have you lately connected with someone after several years? Are you getting to know a person who works with you or with whom you share a ride to and back home from work? Do you happen to exchange messages late until midnight and beyond when your eyes just refuse to transport you to the dream world?

People come into our lives. Some are here to stay while many leave us at some point. A forwarded message that i received via mail describes beautifully how we are attached to people and how we should know to let go of them.

With some you know its not meant to stay for long. So while you are with them cherish every moment. Enjoy. Be a part of the happenings. Let your hair down. Don't hold back. Dance away to glory!

For all those who are part of my life, and to those who are yet to come, a big thank you.

God bless us all :)

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