Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Kodak Moments!

Archives! Revisit the days which are dated forever.
Random pictures that were clicked by me over the years featuring the best of my friends. Presenting my best, candid, unedited (but none censored) pictures of me and my friends.

1) The PCC nights! I know what you guys are thinking. Don't worry thats just Iced tea to keep me company.
2) Me, on one of the good hair days :P and long study nights.

3) Chocolicious Abha!

4) Beauty Queen, Ms Moon, scrubbing her face with tea leaves :P

5) The absolutely crazy trio. Abha, Me, Choti. I guess we were in yogi's car!

6) A very very eventful day. (I trust abha's memory. she won't remember) ;)

7) Me and Pooja. I know P that this is not your best pic, not even close to it but its still special to me! :)
8) Me and Sid. In TYBCOM. When was that? :P

9) The talk, dark and 'handsome' footballer of our group. ( I know somebody is coughing) :P

10) Me and Romil on the last day of college.

11) The gang at Vichoo's during PCC days

12) The troublemakers!
13) The school ke baacha log!

14) At Costa Coffee after watching the best movie ever. China something staring Deepika Padukone and Akky.

15) Manan- Mera number kab aayega???!!! :P


Sid! said...

Was there no other pic u have of me?? And why do i have to look so silly all the time?? (Me fuming!!) Esp when ur pics keep on coming Gorgeous :P

Sid! said...

I really wonder when was that?

Moon said...

6) Event related to 'S' I still remember.. ;)
14) and the movie was 'chandani chowk to china'...The most HORRIBLE movie I have ever seen by far!! yuk! yuk!
3) I loved the tag 'chocolicious abha' and of course the pic too :)
15) ROFL!!!!!!
5) Is the BEST of all ;)

abha said...

i remember each of these events!! very interesting post andy.. revisited memories both good n not so you!!

abha said...

somehow i like da 6) one da best so far...da most memorable and depictive of the scene i think.did aky take that one?

Manan said...

Lovely pics-
Din't u get a better pic of mine.

It is very hard to choose d best among all of them but if i had to choose 1 it would be the 5th one.

4th-mm-ha comments.
6th-abha looks different in this pic.
12th-is good as well.

Looking forward for more pics to come in.

pooja said...

:)...i think u know which is my fav pic....hehe...
hint::u r with someone in it...;)