Saturday, August 28, 2010


I just realised that the post previous to previous to this one was the 200th Post :) "Happy Realisation to me :P"

More that 12 hours of classes which includes close to 3 hours of traveling to and fro isnt as much pain as i thought it would be. You just have to accept it that a couple of days ahead are goona be the same and enjoy it as it is. :)

I saw bits of Peaceful Warrior today. Its a beautiful movie. Every minute of it keeps you engrossed. Teaches you so much. Its a must watch for everyone who wants to learn something more about themselves. Kunfu Panda is yet another movie with thoughtful insights. If anyone has it on their laptop then please pass it on to me.

It was Raksha Bandhan this week and with all that i collected from my brothers i bought myself a flask. Yes you read it right :P For a long time now i wanted a flask a little bigger than a mug size to carry tea or coffee to class :) Well now that classes are almost coming to an end i m not sure how much i m goona use it but i finally got it and i am sooo happy :)

Its was SPs birthday yday and he was totally disinterested. Some people just dont change and keep surprising me! But he enjoyed in his little way.


Sid! said...

Yeah u fugot o mention that u wished me at 11.53pm by a lovely sms!!!

pooja said...

for a change i understood whom u were referring to...:P..And ya i hve kunfu panda..!

nands said...

You can also watch 'Forbidden kingdom' and 'The last Samurai', when you are not studying! :)

Dhandal said...

Sid: I was with u the whole day. This time for a change i just did what u always do! :)
N how is it that you comment only on this post Mr?

Pooja: Yeah i was ref to Mr Sid, the lazy @$$ :P
Do give me Kunfu panda sometime.

Nands: Havnt seen them yet. Will surely do :)

Moon said...

200 posts!! wow! great:)
ur routine is quite depressing to me.. hats off that u carry it off so well.. have a happy week ahead!
and flask is a very good investment for you...I will remind u of it when I get sms like "sleepy" "yawns" next time lol :P