Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Son,

Wake up. Its show time.
Its time to show the rest
that you can be the best
The time is just right
to prove your might.
As always the sun shines bright
but today it has a radiant light.

Wake up my child
wake up.
I know you can reach heights
to every ones delight
make them realise
you are no less,
just different from the rest.
None has told you
how things are to be done

My Son, don't have in your mind
a slightest doubt,
cos you are the on who will sort
it all out
When you have chosen between
the right & wrong,
you have always sung the
triumphant song

And today the day has come
when you have to shake
yourself up
Wake up my son wake up.


This was written last year on 3rd may, 09. That's what my diary reads. Just happened to flip through it today.


pooja said...

hmmm...On rohit's bday..!!;)Very nicely written...

nands said...

Was "Wake up Sid" inspired from your poem?

Moon said...

Lovely :)