Sunday, August 15, 2010

High Spirits

Got home at 9 last night after a tiresome day. The past two days were hectic and the next few days will be too. It was saturday evening and the only good thing which could happen was the dinner party. But by the time i got home i was sick. My head spinned, my stomach growled, i was drenched in sweat. I hit the showers. Refreshed myself and headed for the dinner by 10.

After a long long time i danced like crazy. With so many people around it was simply awesome. For almost more than an hour we turned the living room into a dance floor. Simply loved it. More so because i was so damn energetic even after the whole days schedule.

The idea of being with a few close people, amazing food, soulful music, crazy dancing can get your spirits high even after the most gloomiest day.



anand said...

some fun and a smile at d end of d day makes u forget d borin day that passed and the irritatin days ahead....and u have a good night sleep :)

nands said...

Good, good. :)

Moon said...

Absolutely! I second u (the last para)..

Dhandal said...

anand: so true

nands: thanks

moon: :)