Friday, October 02, 2009


Today i wanted to blog something. But couldn't really think of anything. The last few days have been a roller coster. Sleep deprived to such an extent that today i was about to fall off my chair at office cos i simply dosed off. (Of course in bosses absence :P )

I opened my dashboard and read some of the old posts. Specially the drafts which have found a very safe place in here. A few of them surprised me. Some great old memories scribbled in a hurry just so that i can refresh my mind just like i did today, a few weird conversations, some hilarious theories and other numerable write ups.

PS: Dance like no ones watching you. Just like i did today! :)


Anurag said...

yeah old posts do give joy..they actually remind u that yes u can write and write well :)

anand said...

all the posts have been wonderful too!! :)
and i am 1 of d top followers of ur blog!! :)

abha said...

i dozed off in eco lec today.i dont know how long i slept but i was dreaming something.and now in second half i am reading your posts and missing some important concepts(read boring and difficult to understand)