Friday, October 02, 2009

A Highlight

When he talks, he talks sense.
When he dosnt there is utter silence.
Rational and questioning is wat he is
But carefree n jovial are his middle names
He is simple n understanding
Supportive n Sportive
He is sensitive n loves to love friends
A natures man n true admirer of beauty
But where do i find him? :)


PC said...

He finds u andy, he finds u!! :)

nands said...

That reminds me of a song from "Dil chahta hai"! :)

moon said...

wow! this is so coool..its like reading my wish list :D

Sharvari said...

looks like u have read whats on my mind!

anand said...

thot abt wht ul do wen u find him?? ;)

abha said...

such a person hollywood :P for me it would be da actor in Notting Hill-Tom Hanks.