Thursday, September 17, 2009


Beats faster and faster, her heart
Yet slow and deep is her breath
As the day nears
Every minute seems like an hour
The wilted rose comes alive
Writings of his talk
Forgotten how he smells
She longs for his arms

Jerk, the train halts
Awaken is she from her dream
Dreamt of him did she all this while?
With a perfect smile,
into the dream world goes she again.


nands said...

Total romantic!

PC said...

Quite a romantic u are under that unruffled ans calm CA skin!! There is definitely more than that meets the eye :) And well the piece is great as usual :)

abha said...


pooja said...

nice re....

Suresh Kumar said...

Its really amazing! Audit season around and u r enjoying daydreaming :)

Lovely poem....

anand said...

hey beautiful poem!! :)