Tuesday, September 08, 2009


After ages today i organised my important documents. While doing the same i came across a sheet which i had written when i was in class 10th. This is what it read -

Why do we call our teacher a guru, a mentor or a spiritual preceptor? The answer to this is quite simple. He is the storehouse of spiritual energy which he can transmit to others. He helps his disciples to polish their inner self till it reflects the light of truth.

The best gurudakshina is to adhere to the gurus words. Once a guru sent his pupil to collect dry 'useless' leaves. Whenever he tried to gather the dry leaves he would be stopped by the village folks saying that they needed it for fuel to heat water, humus for plants, for making patravalis, for medicinal purpose, etc. The disciple returned empty handed and dejected. On seeing him his guru said, "The knowledge that you have gained today of how nothing is useless in this world is my gurudakshina."

However, this path of accepting tutelage is not easy. The disciple has to offer his ego at the gurus feet and accept him.



nands said...

Was you so much gyani even at 10th!

I feel trust is the first thing you need, towards your teacher.

Suresh Kumar said...

True... Nicely said....
bahuth wisdom filled post... :)

do some more cleaning... v readers may be treated with more such insightful posts :)

abha said...

nicely written :)

anand said...

i havnt wished my teachrs even a happy teachrs day for the last 3 yrs!! :(