Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Teachers Day

5th Sept is a day of great importance for every being. At every stage of our lives we learn and we give it back by teaching someone else. Its Teachers Day today. Every year while i was still in school i used to look forward for this day to arrive. The student- teacher bond is unexplainable.

I had penned a fare well poem on the last day of my school. This one dates back in 2004. My respect and regards to every single soul that touched my life and taught me for me to be able to be at this place today.

The Last Day

I get the same sense as i had on the first day of my school
Oiled and plated hair, ironed uniform,
scented socks and cherry blossemed shoes.
Just the same as I dress my self from tip to toe
to attend the last day of my school.

The last day when I pack my school bag
The last day I place my school diary in it
The last day to play pranks on my dear teachers
The last day to be scolded by the loved ones
The last day to hear someone call us by our tag name Jinda Murde
The last day to see our sirs in stylish glares while teaching us
The last day for a teacher to mark us for not doing our social studies homework
The last day to give fake reasons for incomplete Art assignments
The last day when a English teacher would storm out of the class because we troubled her

The last day

Never in the last 13 years did i think of such a day

I remember how my nursery teacher taught me A,B,C,D
And how in the due course letters turned into lengthy history answers

But its the bitter truth
The last day has arrived

Yes, the very last day at my second home

Well 'The last day'

Is this a fair day?

It can't be because its our "farewell day"

A day to begin a new life.

The night of 9th Feb 2004 i had written this piece. Our farewell was on 11th Feb. I miss Lok Puram Public School dearly. My home for 13 years.


nands said...

Even our lifes have "The Last Day", the last day to breathe.
Happy Living. :)

Sharvari said...

I miss college!

Suresh Kumar said...

Gosh... I too miss those days.... specially the last years of school....
It had its share of joys and pains. I would love to enjoy the joys and experience the pains if given the chance to do once again..

Nice One, Anandit a. :)

anand said...

i miss school too!! :'(
what a place!!
feels so good remembering those days....wonderful post!!

abha said...

nice i reading it for first time? i dont remember you showing it to me before.