Monday, August 31, 2009

A Simple Secret

Here is a nice poem by Ronberge.

A Simple Secret

Imprisoned inside me
Is a secret
Buried so deep
No one will see.
It's a simple secret really.
It helps me through
The best and worse
Life can be.
My secret?
I think of you
And the rest is easy.


Suresh Kumar said...

And whats the secret? Boost....

Nice poem

My secret is faith.... faith in the almighty....

The best and worse life can be. Is always for sum good cause.

Anurag said...

I was reading your poem and seeing your display pic simultaneously i.e in your blog... and it kinda made a good read that way..Perfect expression for the post :)

abha said...

Can remember the dialogue from kungfu panda."there are no secrets" :D

simply me! said...

Beautiful!! :)

moon said...

sweet!! :)

Ronberge said...

Thank you for the post

PC said...

Andy...U and your william ;) lovely!! :)