Sunday, October 04, 2009

Whats up?

What have I been upto off late?

The month began on a wonderful note.

Heard the Patanjali Yog sutra in the first week.

The first day itself bought me some most relieving news. My exam results were positive.

The following week i was on an audit assignment out of office so looted the client nicely :)

The next weekend was a ride out of town to a friends place. The last two weeks were hectic at work.

The outcome of which was no replies to messages, emails, no online chats, and a LOT OF COMPLAINT from friends for "not being in touch."

Last two days was a night-out at work place. Took a early morning Pawarnagar Bus not from home to office but from office to home at 6am.

Taken up a Photography course this weekend. Something that i was longing to do for a while now.

Saw Wake up Sid. Enjoyed evey bit of it. A refresher after a long time. Been a dry spell in the cinema freternity off late.

Still havnt made a few phone calls to s few friends. Incase you didnt know my cell no. has changed.

Got drenched in rain today. And got home and took a chilling cold water head bath.

Joined twitter. Follow me @ananditakumar

Travelled by the local after a long time today.

PS: N said my previous post sounds like a matrimonial ad :P But still i m not going to pull it do

PSS: I m sleep deprived.

PSSS: I want a "real" assignment to work on.


Metallica bhakt! said...

I miss you!! and all those random 2am conversations!!
end 16th oct and I shall call nicely! and then we shall go on a photography expedition! :P Sahi idea na??

pooja said...

"REAL" Assignment????as in??

PC said...

Hey andy!! U want a real assignmnt??I hav few things in my head...wil tell u when i come back... :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Welcome back! Hmm... ur schedule seems real tight. But still u want assignment- a real one...
so whats that supposed to mean?

Sharvari said...

dont remind me of the last month... ppl were having a short week.. we had a loong week... was working non-stop for 10-12 hrs daily from dassera to 3rd... a good 6 days of exploitation!

anand said...

sleep deprived and stil want a real assignment!! gr8!!!

abha said...

i have worked for last two sundays too..basically 21 days at a stretch without everyone in class is sleepy..i wrote a 4 hr paper today!and now 3 hrs of eco.