Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The right notes

Disclaimer: I m not drunk! Simply high on Music :)

Here comes the rain again falling from the stars...
Drenched in my pain again becoming who we are..

Some of the songs just strike that perfect chord. You can relate to every word of the song. The music is so perfectly perfect that it puts you in another world altogether.

A song can do wonders. I m sure you must have experienced this many a times. When you are shopping in a super market or driving or travelling in the train and are tuned in to a radio station and then to your surprise it plays just that song which you were craving to hear for a long long time now and your face glows and there is a BIG smile adorned on it. And then of course your whole day goes well.

There are so many songs that you relate to in many ways. Some songs are just to close to your heart for special reasons. It brings back those beautiful memories. The amazing days. The stary nights. The sunny afternoons. The romantic dinners. The late night study sessions. So many situations and those many songs.

I often wonder what song would it be that would bring a smile on your face and remind you of me :)

PS: the post is very roughly written. could have been much much better. but in the moment i just wanted to share something with you. yes specially you ;)


Sharvari said...

U just struck the right cord gal... i have different songs reminding me of different periods of my life. When i listen to a song, it takes me back to that period and its nice to have the memories flowing down so effortlessly!

anand said...

songs reminding me of my life will b d last thing to happen to me!!!
srry andy...i never hit d right notes..as far as music goes!!!

ApocalypsE said...

I ll remember to wake u up this september... :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Since its raining of here, the song thats on my lips its the one from the movie Chandni.... Lagi aaj saawan ki phir do gadi hain...