Saturday, May 23, 2009

And he wooed me....

The first time i saw him i fell in love with his elegance. The grace, the effortless beauty. He made me want to get up and sway to his tunes. I couldn't take my eyes off him.
His body soaked in attitude, with utmost perfection he spread his feathers into a majestic semi circle. The dazzling green blue feathers mesmerised me. His flamboyant body rhythmically swayed back and forth to the tunes of the wind.
His regal movements spoke volumes. And then one sudden moment he stopped then turned around and ours eyes met. Gasp, my jaws dropped and i felt caught. And then again with the same amount of royalty he continued to sway. For the next few minutes i was treated with the elegance of the enchanting movements of our national bird, the peacock.

To tell you the truth i wasnt fortunate enough to witness this perfect moment with my naked eyes. But one of my friends was. Thanks to Ankit that i could witness the beauty through this near perfect video recording. It was 6 in the morning and the beauty had payed visit to his home garden.
Peacocks are notoriously shy birds, jumping away at the slightest hint of threat. But he had managed to capture the bird with great caution and perfection.
I was a beholder of the beauty through somebody elses lens but i hope you too had a feel of it through my words.


Sharvari said...

nach re mora!
somewhat gives me the feeling... its going to rain soon. time will change. heat will go and life will be pleasant again!

anand said...

jaws dropped and all???
itna bhi special nahi hai....:P
its just a peacock!!!

Dhandal said...

Yes indeed it reminds you of the marathi song which goes something like this -

Nach re mora, aambyacha vanat,
nach re mora, nach.

Dhganshi vaara jhunjala re,
kala kala kapus pinjara re,
aata tujhi paali, veej dete taali,
phulaw pisara naach,
nach re mora nach.

(Dance peacock dance, dance amidst the mango trees.
The winds have hit the clouds,
the clouds have turned black,
now its your turn,
the thunder has struck,
spread your feathers and dance!)

abha said...

:D it was a beautiful video

abha said...

and the post is well written too :)

Saurabh said...

i read just the initial parts and was about to post you a scrap as to"whoz this person"

bt then i thought its not gonna be so simple...

great post....

Suresh Kumar said...

Well... Many have written about homo sapiens....this one for a change was on a very cute bird....

Nice One...