Monday, May 18, 2009


They say change is the only constant. And i totally agree with that. Look back and try comparing something from the past with the present. Be it a thing or a person. Everything changes. The challenging part is how well you adapt to this newly acquired change.

See now for instance i changed the layout of my blog! And i m loving it. So you have to get used to it ;)

- Smile. It aint cost you a thing.


Sharvari said...

We love u the way u r! even if u change.. dies not make a difference

PS:I like the layout of ur blog. very artistic

anand said...

change brings excitement along with it!!
its wen v get used to things that life becoms monotonous!!

Dhandal said...

@Anand: You are right. Change gets you going in life.

pooja said...

change lets u c hw wrong u were earlier!!:)