Friday, September 05, 2008

Nothing perfect

There is nothing perfect about tonight.
I haven't studied what i had to,
haven't heard any thing good in fact got a terrible news tonight,
the usual cool breeze isn't blowing,
the books look fatter and fatter day by day,
didn't even meet up friends in the evening,
Ganpati visarjan took place today,
haven't had a long telephonic conversation tonight.
But still it still feels all good.
Some good music in the background and a hot cup of tea at 2:42 am makes it up for every thing.
Now that i have savoured every sip of my tea i should be getting back to books.

Good night...


pooja said...

u sit with books at 2.42 a.m...
hmmmmmm....some good amount of studying eh!!

anand said...

how can everythin b perfect if ur studyin at 2.42a.m???