Wednesday, September 03, 2008

When did it all start?

Tum ho tho gaata hai dil,
tum nahi tho geet kahan?
Tum ho tho hain sab haasil,
tum nahi tho kya hain yahaan?

Guys what were you doing two years from now? Were you too one of those whom the cute little cupid struck some two years back?
I guess it all started one winter night. When the rest of us slept peacefully the cupid made his way up to a few hearts. Soon the winter turned Autumn over night for a few beautiful beings. They were in bliss. The whole world now revolved around just one person, the better half. The wardrobe changed, looks mattered, you smelled perfect, messages increased from 5 to 50 in a day, of course your phone bill touched sky high, your orkut status changed overnight (no wait may be it didn't cos you didn't want ppl to know) , you couldn't but think of your beloved, you bunked lectures to be with your sweetiepie (eew that sounds so cliche, the word sweetiepie i mean), you exchanged glances while in class, you stood hours together in the railway concession line at college office leaning on each other, u sat on college staircase and heard your favourite songs on the ipod, missed trains waiting for one another or simply let trains pass by you to sweet talk for a little longer, went for any and every movie that was released, (i bet if i asked to review that movie you would be dumbfounded), ate the roadside falooda, took long walks along side the lake, or simply went for long drives.

All this happened in the past two years and i didnt even have a clue. :P

PS: did i mention Jaanu?? ;P


anand said...

hehe...2 yrs..
fun times wen u spend time with ur better half :P
and what a feeling wen u do all this without lettin even close frnds kno abt it....haha

pooja said... true...but some unfortunately only dreamt such things...and when eyes opened...things weren't the same!!:P

Oyii...yeh jaanu jaanu kaun hai??yeh jaanu jaanu??

Sharvari said...

i missed my jaanu too! cupid aaya tha kya? mujhe kisine uthaya kyun nahi???

abha said...

Guys what were you doing two years from now?
is grammatically wrong statement.
oye jaanu ki bacchi!! lol

Metallica bhakt! said...

I re-lived my those 2 years! Thanks! :)

simply me! said...

hey what a perfect post for the people who've done those things in real..i am sure most of us have..! ;)