Thursday, September 11, 2008

God tussi great ho!

8 hours... Its a long long long time to stand in a line waiting for the glimpse of the LalBagh cha Raja. But then think of this. 8 long hours you stand in the line with a damsel or a hansome hunk to give u company. That one minute glimpse of God is all worth the time u spent in line. After all you got to spend a hell lot of time with someone u wanted to. A perfect date. That to in the name of god. (wink wink)


Saurabh said...

ye to galt baat hai....u used my story

pooja said...

oye mulgi..kay hai...kay chaala kay??

Whitenoise said...

it seems the mystical aura has a big reader base...n datin for 8 hrs(n a religious one at that ;) ) n ppl ask for clarificnations of my simple display names :P