Monday, June 02, 2008

Time Please!

I was totally out of my mind the other night. It was way past mid night and i was chatting away with quite a few friends online. To my surprise there were many people online that night. While chatting with AB god knows what suddenly occurred to me i asked him
" What time of the day were you born?"
AB: most probably at 10.30 am.
Me: ok
AB: Why did u ask?
Me: Simply
AB: Why on earth would you ask my birth time unless you are mad?
Me: Guess what now i am asking all my online friends this question!
AB: Christ Sake!
Me: Listen na, AI reacted, "Kundali mila rahi hai kya?"
AB: What else can somebody ask?
Me: and SM says, "Are you goona make predictions?
AB: Are you?
Me: No yaar. Just trying to make a few observations based on it.
AB: that so...
Me: DD says, " You are jobless."
AB: True ain't it?
Me: and now DD herself is asking the friends on her list the same question.
AB: wow!!
Me: See its contagious.
AB: You bet. Only you are capable of doing such idiotic things...
Me: Yes of course i know that :D


anand said...

mayb this is what happens wen u attend classes every mornin and study every nite durin ur vacations!!

swathi said...

no wonder andy!!! u r 1 of d most craziest n interestin ppl i ve met...

abha said...

i agree wid both of them. yeh DD kaun hai? Dur darshan??