Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Never say no to gifts. Always receive them with open arms! Doesn't matter how big or small they are, gifts are gifts. Small little gifts are always lovely. This was way back in school when MT had gifted me a small tiny pocket book full of birthday wishes. To add a personal touch to it, she had even stuck a thumb size picture of mine and hers in it. Gifts which are handmade show that you have actually put in some thought and efforts in making it. Its appreciable.
Small is beautiful. I was in love with a tiny gift which was in the shape of a bottle. It had a paper roll in it. That was a paper in which one had to write a message for the other. It looked simple yet beautiful. I had just read the book 'The Message in the bottle' and i loved the concept of the gift. SM was lucky enough to get that as a farewell gift from me when she was heading back to Coimbatore this summer.
Abha's Bdays have always been fun. Last bday i had given her a handmade scrapbook which had messages from all her close friends along with their pictures pasted on it. This year she received a big huge bundle of 20 balloons for her 20th bday along with a home baked cake, and a kurti perfectly wrapped in the 'pink' paper.
Even i received a wonderful fishpond from Abha n Swati this bday which had every ones bday wishes in it. And how can i forget that cakes n flowers are welcoming gifts all the time. A bunch of white roses. wow! And then there always is a bars of chocolate, a thing for every occasion.
AB gave us a late gift but something that was different n special we hadn't received for a long time. A simple card with good long self written messages in it. It felt so wonderful to get a card from someone after ages.
A personal touch can create wonders to the person whom you are gifting it.


swathi said...

d art of giftin ppl wit personal touch z almost lost today!!! they jus get sumthin 4m shop at d end moment n giv it to d resp person in an occasion.. its good to c hw well u appreciate d efforts of handmade gifts n yeah..m lucky to hav tat bottld msg!!!

anand said...

the most important thing with handmade gifts r.....u can actually get away giftin somethin cheap to a lady by adding a personal touch to it....
wonderful na?