Friday, May 30, 2008

Good night!

Nights are just perfect
the soothing moon light,
the shimmering stars,
The best time to shut ur eyes
talk for long hours.
A pleasant time to read, to study,
to listen to music, to dance,
to have a hot brewing cup of coffee,
to let your thoughts wander.
dab on the canvas,
sketch in the dark,
pour your feelings out on paper,
to be creative.
The right time to be online,
catch up with long lost friends,
tell them how much you miss them.
to go for a long long walk,
take your bike out and ride at 120 kmph,
to go on a long drive in the woods.
doing all your favourite things!


swathi said...

true......... beautifull nights r alwayz to do beautifull things.well written..

anand said...

"the best time to multitask" in short!!!