Friday, May 30, 2008

Thats me

After a refreshing dose of Abhinaya at dance class I decided to check out where and what some of my friends were upto that late evening. After having made a few phone calls i realized all were busy with their prior engagements. I nevertheless decided to head towards CCD and read something with the coffee to my company. Since i had just done with my dance class i was pretty hungry too and so ordered my fav spinach n corn sandwich with Frappee.
Soon after relishing every bit of it I dug my hand in my bag only to realise that i had forgotten my wallet at home!!!
Damn! But lucky enough that i hadn't asked for the bill yet. That saved me from a bit of embarrassment. So now i could pretend that i was either going to order something more or just sit there acting as if i was waiting for someone for some more time!
So what next? I got my cell out and dialed A. She conveniently hung up on me after a short conversation of 22 secs from which the only thing i could gather was that she had just finished her class and was still at the station. Useless ;)
Next on my dial list was M. I had just spoken to her and i knew she was at her friends house and was going to leave soon. She picked up the call and our conversation was something like this:
Me: Cash hai?
M: Kitna? (No pleasantries exchanged)
Me: 150
M: One hai par uss main se 30 auto ke liye lagega.
Me: Aaila.
M: Kya Hua?
Me: Main CCD main hoon...
Me: aabe aakele ...
M: Hmmm....
Me: aur main ne maast dabake khaya...
M: aur?
Me: aur main wallet ghar bhul ke aayi!!!
M: What!!
Next all that i could hear was her burst of laughter!!!
Me: Aabe kuch kar...beg, borrow, steal...get home fast rescue me!!!!

I let out a sigh of relief. And now i wasn't pretending any more. I was actually waiting for M to arrive so that she could save me from the disgrace of washing the cups at CCD.
After 20 something minutes she arrived and as soon as we saw each other we were in splits!

Inspite of all this we ordered something more to drink and chatted away for the next 30 minutes ;)

Only i m capable of doing such stupid things i guess ;)


swathi said...

MIss andy.. no wonder u ll b evergreen source of humour!!

Metallica bhakt! said...

I agree! Only YOU can do this! :) nicely written though!

anand said...

it would have been a bit more interestin if u had forgotten ur cell fone too!!!

Dhandal said...

Swathi: source of humor..u bet abt tht..
Yash: yes ofcouse there is only one namuna who can do this and thts me!
Anand: ooh i pls pls pls thts like a toping on the crises!

abha said...

paise toh mere gaye... what source of humour?? thank me that i rescued u well in time!!

Dhandal said...

haan haan aapke paise gaaye...shaaram nahi aati...chance pe dance karti hai...

Rachit said...

Haha, quite an interesting read, and I guess it would've been a pretty hilarious experience for you to recount sometime later in life :)