Monday, May 05, 2008

2nd May contd...

This day continued to be fun even in the later part of it. After nearly 8 years the 5 of us got together. Abha, Moon, Swati, Swathi n myself. After 8 long years. Swati came to see Swathi who has come down from Coimbatore for the vacation. It so happened that it was the first time that all the five of us were together and as my luck had it i didnt even have my usual morning lectures the next day. So we decided that we would spend the night at my place and have dinner outside.
After a lot of persuasion and getting a little bit of firing from one of the girls mom we finally made it to my house.
The pranksters that my friends are, I was the scrap goat for the night. Starting from the dinner table to the end of it. We spoke all through the night and pulled each others legs like never before. The old memories, the nostalgic moments, the cherishable photographs, and posed for a few more photographs too.
I must admit that i was beautifully trapped in their trick. But at the end of it they had to suffer a lot of beating from me for all that they had done!!
It was an evening to remember and cherish for very many years to come.


abha said...

woah... we had a lot of fun... right? scape goat of da night!!

abha said...

and yeah either remove dat shelf or make it in proportion to your blog if possible