Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Day 2

It was a long tiring day. May be cos I reached college early at 8 am that it made me feel that it was a long day. Well I wasn’t too good a day for our class either. Bucket ball one of the first event of the day. Achintya, Shushant, Akanksha and Swati played well and lost only after drawing the match. I had my dodge ball event which was the only event of the day that made it to the finals. Box cricket was also lost badly by us. (Politics prevails everywhere.)

Those were the sad points of the day for my class. But if I look into my other team that’s of us close friends there were many laurels bagged by them all.

Alisha gave a mind blowing performance in the western solo singing category and there was no one who could beat her. Pooja and Siddharth secured the first position in GD. Rohit played his synthesizer very well but couldn’t beat others this time. But no hassles. For the first time the hidden talents are coming out and all of us are enjoying every bit of it.

Did I miss out on anything? Aare ya.. Abha won the first prize in cartooning.

Oooh theres no dearth of talent amongst all of us here. Ooh one more winning event. Rohit with his partner won Spelling bee and word game and Siddharth came second in crossword. Many winners all through the day…….

I’m too tired to go in further depth. So sorry please bare with me. And you’ll have to bare with me for 4 more days with four more exciting posts coming up.

n yes btw forgot to mention the winners of yesterdays events. In hindi Duet Rohit and his partner came first and Pooja and her partner came second. and i won the first position in the Classical Dance ;)

I agree this is a very dry and boring post cos I’m toooo tired. And I hope all you guys remember how I was today… ;)

Request: people write in your memories plssssssssssssss………

Love you all loads……..

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wrong pic in wrong blog.But yeah i agree with you...Shashank's cute!