Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Day 3

Rapport rocks for sure. As of today we the ‘OMKARA’ are leading. Today either there were many events that made me too tired by the end of the day or god knows what that was. Any ways all the 6 days of Rapport are equally rocking and tiring. More over so cos I’m the DR of my class.

The day started very good and in a way ended nicely. We won the dodge ball event (even I was one of the 6 participants). I also exercised my vocal cords today. I along with a guy won the Laryngitis event, event where in the worst singer is adjudged as the best. So finally I know in which category I fall into. Hahahah……

Achintya won second in quiz. Alisha came second in Kahani main twist. We had musical skit and western dace eliminations today whose results aren’t out as of yet. Abha had T shirt designing and collage work. Many events took place. Chunav Tanav campaigningwas going on as well but we didn’t take much efforts in it. Achintya was in the Handminton team which qualified till the semis and lost against the Shah Parivar. (sorry Rohit…..the most loyal member of the parivar).

The last event of the day was Treasure Hunt. I was to participate in it but due to ill health I didn’t. I’m unaware of the results as I left in the middle of the hunt. Ho[e its something positive. I’ll let you know in tomorrows post.

Till then good nite.

Note: no one of you’ll are posting comments. Better do or else…… I’m already out of my mind or no good reasons and you all know that.

Take care.

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Anonymous said...

hey its a novel idea of posting all days of Rapport here...i mean its nice to see my name there..though for some creap event like collage(hated it!!)..but hey i did enjoy t-shirt desgning!!wat more got 3rd position there..