Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Day 1

Rapport, an intra collegiate event of R.A.Podar college of commerce and Economics. The most awaited and happening week in the life of a Podarite. Fun, spirit, competition, team work, screaming skills are all that you need to enjoy it to the fullest. Ooh its just amazing. I can’t put my emotions to words and having a beautiful creative writer amidst us I stand no where in writing. Well you know whom I’m talking about. Yup! That’s Abha. A spellbound writer whose few write ups go bouncer when she makes me read them. And no doubt she secured a few points for her class in the creative writing event by winning it. Hats off to you buddy and I’m sure in the next 5 days to come you’ll get many more hats ;)

Talking about sportsmanship I can’t think of anyone but Achintya. A rocking sports star. He’s the pillar of my class. He’s a part of most of the sports event and he has already done a wonderful job one the first day by getting into the finals of Rink Football and Frisbee. And he also hurt his leg ;( some tubelight glass pierced him I suppose. Take care Achi. (Saying that out of true concern and not for getting points for our class…heheheh….) Bravo to you pal!

Chatter box did a wonderful job by being herself and blabbering her best and winning the debate competition. By the way I am talking about Pooja. Well she exercised her vocal cords in the evening by entering into the Hindi Duet category. Aah that song was so mesmerizing and her melodious tone. “Tumse milke, aaisa laga tumse milke, ki aarma hue pure dil ke….” It was on the tip of my tongue all through the evening. Lovely. Kudos to you!

He took us all by surprise. I had never heard him sing before ever in the past 2 and half years but today he made us stick to our seats by his melodious vocals. That’s Rohit. “Aaja sanam madhur chandani main hum….” A beautifully sung piece. But what was more exciting was to see him sing. It was hilarious. His partner was so engrossed in her singing that she was almost dancing to her own tune and was trying to make Rohit to dance as well. And at that particular moment all eyes were set on Jayashree. She was getting red. No she wasn’t blushing cos’ Roht was singing so beautifully but she was getting red with anger upon his partner. Hahahaha I still can’t control my laughter. Pooja and Rohit with their respective partners and other contenders competed against each other. But the results aren’t out still.

I too had a wonderful day. I was a participant of the Classical Dance category. The best part of it was many of my friends actually thought that I gave a nice performance. The results aren’t out yet but I’m hoping for the best so won’t comment on it much.

The day ended with six of us having dinner(?) at Shree Sunders. That would be myself, Jayashree, Rohit, Siddharth, Pooja and Achintya. We sure missed all you other people (didn’t we? Or should I ask "did we?”). ;)

Request: All you guys who are a part of this happening Rapport please drop in your thoughts and pour in your emotions in the comments section so that 10 years down the line when we all stub upon this post these beautiful lines will bring back some of the most memorable days of our life of being together.


Anonymous said...

these wont just bring the meomories flodding back 10 years down the line...who knows it may bring us people nd even reunite us ppl...lost in the maze of life!!!

Dhandal said...

ok for my memory tht comment is fro Sid...he by mistake clicked on the anonymous link.

Achintya said...

hmm sid is right this rapport is surely special we really enjoyed and even eagerly participated. bcom surely roxx esp the first year all 6 days were as gud as each day.. ANDY was a gr8 DR a very understanding one she never forced me into participating in any event of which i wasnt confident of. our class really deserved more than a third place ANDY was the star of our class
U rocked baby