Monday, August 09, 2010

Whats going on?

Right now my head is flooded with curses towards the male community. It all started with a particular person and now like a wild fire has spread far and beyond. I ain't generalising my views but i really fail to understand why does so much ego burst off their chests.

Ego will make you fall one day. Straight on your face and that will hurt really bad. Reconcile. Learn from your own mistakes. Be open to ideas, views and opinions of others. Don't be such a cry baby. You'll go nowhere.

Only if you ever happen to read this will you realise its for you. Never mind. I m just getting it off my chest.

You'll grow up someday. Till then.

### Y'day evening my two girlfriends treated me with a Spinach & Corn sandwich and Sizzling Brownie at CDD :) Thanks to their pay checks :)

### Happy Birthday Rats!!!! Have a super duper awesome dosome year ahead :)

### The coming whole week i have classes from 7am to 9pm. I m loving it! :(( Its time to say my little prayer now.

God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things i cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things i can and the WISDOM to know the difference.

### Saturday late evening should be fun (fingers crossed). There is dinner at a family friends house and i simply hope i'm in the position to attend it.

### I had a conversation with a friend after several years. Its worth blogging but will need time to spice that story to keep u interested. Shall come up with it some time soon.

### Oh! my eyes number increased slightly :( Good thing is that i m getting a new frame!!! :D

Love you all. Keep me posted as to whats up at your end!



anand said...

u r clearly upset at some1 now :)
and y do u need a new frame? u can always change only the glass :P

Dhandal said...

more than upset i was mad n astounded by how ridiculous guys are.

Well i have to get a new frame cos if i had to just change the glass of my old frame i have to deposit this frame with the optician for a minimum 2 days. And i cant stay without it even for a few mins :)

anand said...

hehe....u r BLIND :P
and guys r not ridiculous....gals generalize too quickly...

Anurag said...

I am a man..and I hv no ego :D

btw nice page...when did u change it..Looks awesome :)

Dhandal said...

Anand - see u too are generalizing :P

Anugag - Every man has a ego. Saying i dont have ego is also ego ;)

You had lost the way i guess. Seeing you after a long time on my page. Changed the look long back. Quite perfectly describes me. Camera - Coffee - Wood - Brown!

Keep visiting!

pooja said...

men dnt hve much ego as women...i think we r more are just insensitive....extremely insensitive....pathetically insensitive....!!:P

Dhandal said...

The emotional quotient of women always over powers the female ego to a large extent.

Moon said...

oh,Tell me abt guys n ego!! They go hand in hand!! Ur first para reminded me of A :P Had a great time catching up with you two in CCD :)Im sure u must have gathered quite a lot of compliments on ur new frame coz it absolutely suits u :) AND I just cant wait for THE "OLD-FRIEND's" PHONE(Y) CONVERSATION WALA SPICED UP BLOG!! :P ;) :D

Moon said...

And you know what's going on at my end...thanks to my new sim :P