Tuesday, August 03, 2010

THe Weekend

Had an extremely tiring weekend. Left home saturday morning at 6 am to attend classes at Ghatkoper. Sat through the day and a considerable portion of evening (running into early night) studying Accounting Standards and CFS at the classes. Left from Ghatkoper ot 8.30 pm to reach Napean Sea road only at 10.30pm. Had the most annoying and tiring wait for the bus from VT to NS. Didnt even get a straight bus to M's house.
What followed was pure fun through the night with my best pals. With cold chinese food for dinner and no sweets to celebrate friendships' day at midnite, it did not deter us from making some awesome bread-bingo-combo with the little supplies that we found in the refrigerator.

Slept only at 4am to get up at 7.30am to attend yet another grueling IDT class at Ghatkoper.
Got back home after 2 long days at 6pm on sunday evening and slept until morning the next day :)

All in all a great friendships day celebration! :) I bet you too had an amazing weekend sans studies :)


anand said...

a wonderful time u had i see...but i kno u wudve njoyed more if u cud get some sleep as well :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Hmm... Good boys like me are inside the home before the sun set and dont venture out till the next day sun rises :)

Dhandal said...

; You bet. Some sleep would have really helped. But i managed to sleep in the bus as always ;)

This is Mumbai. You cant sleep before 12 here :)

abha said...

hahahaha...thats so true.you cant sleep b4 12 here.awesome weekend we had.so happy!!! :D

Deepak said...

well, only hard studies can get u CA degree :)

CA. Deepak

Dhandal said...

abhs: mumbai hai apni jaan!
deepak: with ICAI i doubt hard work too ;)

Moon said...

I still wonder how you dint doze off early that night (like all other night outs :P) and u were more peppy than any of us!! hats off to you girl!! Anyways had a fantastic weekend...love!
P.S. I dint know the bus ride to my place for was SO annoying..U looked so happy after the ride..oh wait, it must be my charm :P weren't you just too happy to see me baby?! :D

Moon said...

The picture is so cute yaar!! What an idea that was andy!! bread-bingo sandwich..ur just too awesome >:D<

Dhandal said...

Yeah i love to surprise myself at times. I was the peppiest :P and I loved me :) So now u can't accuse me anymore of falling off to sleep on night outs :))

Yeah loved the sandwich!!

Manan said...

i love the picture..nice idea