Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Click 5 - A new beginning

To the newly wedded couple!



Priya Joyce said...

lovely pic ter..is it frm the marriage u recently went to??

Dhandal said...

Yup it is from the wedding i recently attended! :)

They are a lovely couple.

Suresh Kumar said...

Feels like the groom is singing, "Kismat se tum hum ko mile ho.... yeh haath hum na chodenge" :)

Lovely pic re

Moon said...

jaimala picture :) lovely picture and lovely couple... :)

nands said...

It is as if you have exactly captured the essence of the whole event in just one click! :)
Smart photography.

abha said...

good one

pooja said...

its beautiful..!!:)

Dhandal said...

Suresh: Oh yes, there were many many songs that the couple and the family sang.

Moon: :)

nands: Its very difficult to capture the true essence of togetherness in a north indian wedding cos its so extravagant unlike our weddings down here. Thats what i learnt. But that fun is quite incomparable.

Abha: Thanks.

Pooja: Glad you liked it.

PS: Does anyone want o give their wedding photography contract to me? :P

Moon said...

Oh sure why not..! Great pictures plus that will be quite economical.. isn't it andy darling? Ur sucha sweetheart (:P)