Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thats how they met again

The characters appearing in the blog are all fictitious and any resemblance to characters already appeared in the blog is pure coincidental

Beep beep. She received a message. Her eyes scanned the bed. Underneath the pile of clothes her cellphone had found a perfect cozy place to rest in these rains. She dived in to grab it. It flashed 'Shalom' and her face reflected an instant glow. Hi honey, get dressed in your best. We are going for dinner tonight. I'll pick you up at 8 from ur office. Just landed. Heading directly to the HO. So see you at night!
Official work had kept him away for a month. He had toured almost half the globe and now he was back. In reply to his message she sent him 30 smileys. (One for every day that he was away.)

Seconds later the clock hanging on the wall stuck 9. Aanya was already running late for work thanks to her alarm which refused to ring at the instructed time and allowed her to dream a little longer. She was dressed in Indian formals. In the White and blue chudidar kurta which she had got for herself on her last birthday. It was the month end and the boss was throwing a small tea time party at work place. So she was infact dressed in her best. With a broad smile on her face she winked at the Ganesha idol as she walked past the hall way and closed the door behind her.

Aanya & Shalom studied in the same school but the only difference was when Aanya went to Kindergarten Shalom was in 3rd grade. They lived 2 blocks away. As kids Shalom and his gang of guys took great pleasure in bullying Aanya and her bunch of friends. Aanya would come home with tears in her eyes and cuss words on her lips atleast once in a week for what the hooligans did to them.

Then years later for around 2 years Aanya & Shalom went to the same tution aunty for Math & Science. While Aanya enjoyed solving linear equation, no matter what Shalom could not get a hang of Derivatives & Integration. With the daily tutions they got to spend some time together on the way upto the class and back home. So they weren't at constant war with each other as earlier.

Aanya changed schools and same time around Shalom completed his 12th and got through in an engineering college at Banglore. In the next 4 years Shalom graduated with a BE in Electronics degree. He went to his college one last time to collect his degree. The same day there was a lot chaos for admissions for the new academic session. Four rows away standing in the long queue he spotted a familiar face. He scratched his head hard to recollect who she was. He stared right into her till the time her eyes caught his. He was embarrassed and looked away. She flashed a smile of recognition and walked upto him.

Mangola, is that you? The 100 watt bulb flashed in his mind when she called him by that name. Gutli? No wait, Aanya. Isnt that what they call this pretty lady? She blushed. Aanya had come to this college to get enrolled for a undergraduate program. And as luck would have it Shalom was heading to Mumbai to get an MBA degree. Thats how their paths crossed yet another time and a new friendship began.


anand said...

cute story....
old faces do show up frm nowhere to surprise us!!..some surprises r pleasant while some not so..... :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Nice romantic piece

***In reply to his message she sent him 30 smileys. (One for every day that he was away.)***
loved these lines.. It really brought a big smile on my face...

Lets c how the friendship grows... guessing there's a second part

Anurag said...

waoh ..nicely written ...Yeah friendship does that sometimes :)

I had to scroll a lot before I could find your marathi poem...You hv written quite a lot since then ....Nice :)

abha said...

nice one

Sharvari said...

reminds me of how things keep bouncing back to you... you might want to leave things, but somehow, you are pushed back to them... destiny as they say... watever is urs will come back to u and watever is not will not stay wid u.

Dhandal said...

~Anand: I hope u come across pleasant surprises ;)

~Suresh: It brings a smile on my face too :) Thanks. Ya the second part will come real soon. :)

~Anurag: Thanks for visiting after such a long time ;)

~Abha: Danke, sehr.

~Sharvari: Well said.

PC said...

I love such pieces/stories in which the meant to be(so to say) meet after long...irrespective of what or with whom they hav been the end they come together :) U see u arent the only under the skin romantic arnd andy!! :P