Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The morning saga

Today morning i get up early than usual. I have 1.5hours on hand before i have to leave for work. Now for the unaware let me enlighten you. I love to sleep. I am a sleep o holic. I am a person who is really good with clocks in sleep. I get up exactly only specified minutes before i have to leave for any work. Usually 30 minutes is all it takes for me to get out of the bed and then to get out of the door. So now you realise 1.5hrs is LOTS :)

So here i sit wondering what to do. The obvious thing that one does while sipping a morning cup of tea is to sit and read the newspaper. But i aint doing that. Instead here i m blogging. There is one more reason for me not reading the papers cos its full of the budget and thats exactly what i will be reading once i reach office. So why waste time now? ;)

Loo break. Be right back :P

And I'm back :)

So what is it that i can see if i peep out of my window?
Its a bright morning with the rain falling gently on the ground. The gulmohar is in full bloom. There is no one on the cricket ground. The football ground is filthy and muddy. The hills on the left look as green as never before.

Now lets get to the point. Whats happening in those houses that i can see right outside?
The 7th n 6th floor flats look thanda. No activities happening. I dont see the 6th floor uncle doing his first prayers by offering water to the Sun God. I wonder if he is already done with his chores.
The 5th floor aunty is watching Balika Vadhu (at this time also) Women just dont seem to get enough of it.
The 5th floor bachelors arent seen anywhere. Well i dont bother to peep in there cos i hardly find anyone home and none of them are worth a look :P
I see a pink polka dotted umbrella kept open in the grills of the 4th floor flat. And the other 4th floor flat with the House husband, no activities that i can see from outside. I guess he is busy sweeping and doing the dishes :)
The 3rd, 2nd and 1st floor flats are anyways not so happening. And I cant get a closer and clear look from my top floor flat :)

So thats all about it as to whats happening in the "outside world."

But if you really want to know more about my neighbours then enjoy this link :)

Now i have exactly half n hour in hand before i hit the roads so i should get going now!

Adios and keep coming back!


Saurabh said...

What a neat description of a velli morning...

anand said...

after all this...u were late again were'nt u? ;)

Dhandal said...

@SS: Thank you :)

@Anand: lol i did leave late but others were even more late :P

Sharvari said...

subah subah yeh sab karneko waqt rehta hai tereko? taak jhaak queen!

Dhandal said...

~Shar: hehe, kabhi kabhi i get lucky and do the taak jhaak :P