Tuesday, July 07, 2009


As kids i remember playing games like jhatta patti, catch catch, pakda pakdi. All those games which needed a lot of running around. The catcher had a tough time. Huffing and puffing. Running helter skelter behind the rest. Pearls of sweat running down his temple. Still trying to catch up to someone. And he could run no more. He would be out of breath. He would need a minute to get some fresh air. Time please! was all that was needed to get back on his feet, with the same amount of enthusiasm and hunt someone down.

Why can't time just stand still? Freeze. Capturing the moment forever. But that's the 'catch'. Run behind time and it will always run a millionth second faster. Try to hold it and it will slip away like sand. Playing with it is a challenge. While trying to dodge it you learn a great deal out of it. Its a teacher. Its a healer.

With time you mature. You gain experience. It makes you run around. It keeps you on your toes. You sweat, you bleed but you learn oodles . It gives you a tough 'time'. There comes a moment when you want to give up. Drop everything down and just run away. But then you look back and see the amount of efforts you have put in. You get up again with the hope of being rewarded some day soon.

Have faith cos there is someone up there who is keeping an eye on you.


Suresh Kumar said...

At first I thought this was about childhood days... But its something else completely... Yes... lets do one thing... Lets pray to God to freeze a nice day and nothing else...

But That Guy will never agree... He doesn't like the word constant

anand said...

at some point of time u realise that u r runnin in a rat race...and no matter whos watchin..u lose interest in urself!!

Dhandal said...

~ Suresh: They say if you want to make Him laugh tell him your future plans.

~Anand: there is nothing worst than running in a rat race. Its the best to make ur own path.