Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A crime

Her heart bled,
her eyes watered,
Pillow, her best friend
silently soaked the nights tears
She committed a crime
She loved you
And she was punished
by never being loved in return
She died a million deaths
before she breathed her last
She was only 4
but you were 40
Why, why did you not love her back
You selfish, heartless, fearful scoundrel
What worst, you robbed yourself
of some beautiful memories.
I pity you, I pity you.
But i plead you
to hurt not yet another soul
to hurt not yet another soul.


Suresh Kumar said...

Nice poem on a child missing parental love...

Gosh... that was really superb and filled with pain

anand said...

every child's nightmare this!!!

Dhandal said...

~Suresh: Thank you. Its painful to be in such a situation.

~Anand: Its a disaster.