Sunday, January 18, 2009

High Alert day from the very beginning.

Red alert day - on time but the bus leaves before time - wait for 15 more mins for the next bus - some weird bus - bumpy ride - an hilarious conversation worth blogging (sometime soon) - enormous queue at the copy center and cyber - tea at canteen and chilly cheese at Subhas.

Signing - borivali fast -lunch at sheesha - fun talk - churchgate fast which turns out to be Virar fast from dadar - go back to bandra - now a proper churchgate fast

Someone ditched - pizzeria - strand book stall - someone in the train - ditched again - 3 is to 1 enjoyment (read me:1) - cab to NCPA directly (no stopping) - awesome play - Gulzar is amazing - tight security for PMs arrival - walk half way till CST - in a fast train - with some good tea - at Thane - Cocktail for me - in the rick - and then home!


Sharvari said...

puri duniya ghumke ghar aana hi hai, toh ghar chodne ka kyun?
had u stayed at home, u could have spared urself from the trouble!

Dhandal said...

the good moments outweighed the it was a fun day at the end of it! :)

anand said...

waise bhi isko dusra kaam kidhar hai!! ghumti rehti hai din bhar!! :P