Saturday, January 17, 2009

A's in my life

There are too many A's and M's around me. And then some ppl end up nicknaming others with Aaaaa too ;) Yeah Yeah u only :P
So what abt it? Well nothing really but it just becomes difficult to address them on my blog specially if these guys end up doing some under cover activities which have to be kept in wraps yet some of it if shared with u'll is all the more fun.

So like i was saying -
One A is having an amazing time in Delhi.
One A was overjoyed and screamed "I am on the top of the world" without giving a damn to the people around at Marine Drive.
One A was just too content in 'chopping' the other A in whatever the second A had to say.
One A has been just too good to me these days.
One A dosnt even bother to talk anymore.
One A and second A end up getting colour co ordinated.
One A hasnt met the other A but both A's dont seem to like each other. So the third A is just getting sandwiched between the two.
One M got into an interrogating mood and hell bent to get things out of A.
One M will soon be gifted with special 'chappals'. Hope M dosnt get hit with those chappals in near future :P

And now after reading all this P is totally PUZZELED :P


abha said...

hahahaha one A got most of it..and is rolling wid joy reading this post.
the only thing i dint get is "One A dosnt even bother to talk anymore."

and i wonder who dat A is??though i have a some idea.

Sharvari said...

oops! I m a 'S'. So an exception!

Dhandal said... u spotted most of them? here is a task for u have to tell me who these ppl are in the manner in which i wrote it so that i know tht u got them all rite...but in a way that P gets more puzzled! lol....

Dhandal said...

Sharvari i will soon make a S list too ;)

pooja said...

hehe...P is allPuzzled!!!Just got a few....But P Has tooooooo many doubts now!!

anand said...

one A i back!!!!....and is as puzzled as P if not more!!!...cud any1 xplain???

Dhandal said...

Welcome welcome welcome back!!!!
We missed you! Hope u had a hell lot of fun!!!!
and welcome back!

Metallica bhakt! said...

no Y! :(

sid! said...

Damn confusing! But at least i am wondering like Abha. But here's my take, all A's stand for - Asses!!! Continue blogging dear i enjoy every bit of u, its just that i wonder how much your style has change over the years. i still remember that comment of urs telling me how vague the crap i wrote was. care to clear the dew drops which r blurring the things.. .lol!!!