Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whats Irritating you?

There are so many times in a day when you say "How irritating" But whens that? Varied reasons from food to technology to people can disturb your mental balance.
When your internet connection is disrupted without your knowledge or your laptop doesn't start, When your cellphone battery goes dead on a busy day and you don't find a charger. Even if you do, your cell doesn't agree to charge.
With the rains the roads are so jam packed that the traffic can get on your nerves.
When someone wakes you up on a early morning even when you have no class or college.
When the auto rickshaw fellow charges a whooping sum instead of the normal fare.
When some friend constantly keeps bugging you.
When you are searching for something franticly and you don't find it till the end.
And of course when you are terribly terribly hungry ;)

Many more such simple n stupid reasons which irritate us. Let me know the instances when you say "Grrrr...Its irritating"


anand said...

wen u have to go out in a hurry and what u want to wear has either gone for a wash or isn't in a state that u can wear it!!!

simply me! said...

oh how true ya..just realized how many times i say "how irritating"!! another instance---when watching the television the cable gets disconnected and also when the current goes just when we have to do something important on the comp or use the microwave!!