Sunday, June 15, 2008

Memory Line..

Just the other day i checked my blog archive. The date stamp made me realise that its almost two years that i have been blogging. It had totally slipped off my mind as to when had i first started blogging.
Most of the time you remember the event vividly but more often than not you forget when it actually happened. The previous blog posts, SMSes, online chat history, take you into the past and since they are dated they prove to be of great help. 10 years down the line when i archive my blog posts yet again i will exactly know when n where things had happened.
Even those birthday greeting you receive from your loved ones bear your birth date with year on it. So when on your 40th birthday you sit and open your greeting card folder and take a ride in your past you'll know how good friends you were with such n such a person n on a bitter fact u will realise that u have lost touch with him/her now.
The imprints of the lovely family outings and adventure trips with friends won't let you forget which summer was it when you were out in the hills or woods or the lakes.
And what about the first day in college, the graduation day, your first day at work, your first coffee date, the day when he proposed you, and so many more such days to come which will be inscribed in some place or the other. (most of the time the blog or ur diary)
With the fast track life that we live jotting down memories and revisiting them is the best way to relive our past. And they always bring a smile on your face. Always.


Sharvari said...

yeah they always do...
at times when u look back u find how silly i was then!

anand said...

writin down everything u experience does help u picture the most amazing moments in ur life.....