Monday, January 28, 2008

Babalaba books books books...

Its been a while that i blogged something since you have tagged me i should be writing this post. .

A book tht made you cry: The Kite Runner, Khalid Hooseini.
A book tht scared you: none.
A mystery book: The once authored by John Grisham.
A book tht made you laugh: Inscrutable Americans
A book tht disgusted you: Eleven minutes
A half read book: Life of Pi
A maddening book: Steve Jobs ICon.
A book you loved in elementrary school: Nancy Drew Books (wasnt much of a reader then)
A book you loved in high school: Five Point someone. (tht was a bday gift in my 12th grade. i finished reading the book day before the maths exam)
A book u loved in college: The Kite Runner.
A series that you loved: Havent read a complete seies till now..have just read the first 4 HP books which i found good.
An Autobiography: Losing my virginity by Richard Brandson. My fav book till date.
and also Every Second Counts and Its not about the Bike by Lance Amsrtong.
Romantic Book: havent i read any romantic book??
Science Fic: none! (my science friends will beat me up)
A Classic: Damn i should be reading a lot more.
A book on Short Stories: The Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lehari.
A book which was more like a copy of some other: Above Average by Amitabh Bagchi. The stories on the lines of Five Point Someone.


Sharanya said...

awww u've only half read life of pi?? finish it! it's absolutely amazing! =)

Anonymous said...

I found a list of books shortlisted for the Indiaplaza golden quill awards. Look into this you may find a few good ones.