Wednesday, December 26, 2007


His second last blog post was somewhere in december last year. Now he says he has stopped blogging. Thts evident enough. Now she says she hasnt written a blog since a long time n so its as good as quiting the blogsphere. But hope she dosnt cos it will be a huge loss to the fellow readers. and anyways if he does it doesnt matter cos his shortcut lingos are such tht i guess if he goes back to his posts today he'll find it hard to recognise wat it is ;)
Aamir Khan said he stopped blogging but then tht was just a joke cos he was shifting to a new web address. and as my friend says, even if aamir writes a 'goodnite' on his blog as a post he'll attract more than 2000 comments.

no one knows wat the future has in store for everyone of us. most of them are busy in their own work. one is busy holding a national conference in college, the other is busy in a fest, yet another is sailing round the globe, one is busy organising n cooordinating national events, n the other is freezing in the chilly arizona winds.

ok..this was just a random post...


abha said...

ya random...but who's 'she'?

anand said...

that shows he is wanted!!