Friday, December 11, 2009

Turn it around

At times some turn of events just start stirring your mind. But when you find yourself in such a position where your mind is not quite in your control just observe where all it runs. Mere observation of the galloping mind will keep you entertained. Sometimes you will be surprised both pleasantly and unpleasantly as to what all this little thing can do. Its really fun. Atleast as an after thought it certainly is.

PS: When will this cough let go off me?


PC said...

Aah! The mind and the games it plays...and what it can lead too...Even before u know u are thinking u are already there!! Its amusing an afterthought atleast ;)

moon said...

I think in a stirred up state its tough to observe the mind...well let me try as I'm going through one... and for ur cough did u make that 'kada' recommended by choti?

Dhandal said...

Moh: its amusing only as n after thought n not when things are actually happening. Quite difficult to laugh it off at that stage. I m trying to be a good observer.

Moon: You certainly need to observe you wandering mind.
Havnt made the kaada yet. Will do that today after going home for sure. thanks for reminding!

moon said...

btw the painting picture which u have put on this post is really nice...loved it :)

nands said...

Ya, sometimes when I remember the stupid things I did in my past, I realize it was just the mind's trick, and have a good laugh on myself! :)
But on a serious note, ya, meditation helps you to detach yourself from the event and then you can be a observer. And then even under some tensed situation you might caught yourself smiling! :)
Nice to know that you noticed this thing and wrote on it.
Good observation! :)

Dhandal said...

Moon: thanks. our mind is also like that abstract painting.

Nands: Agree with u totally!

Suresh Kumar said...

Hmm... I assume I may be knowing the reason why this is happening..

Keep urself busy phir tho man kahi bagh nahi saktha na

Even while I am writing these, my mind is quite far away from me.

Priya Joyce said...

yes tats so very true..
sometimes being with our own self is so very entertaining..
we keep thinking of so many things..and yeah it's happened with me that I keep thinking of something and suddenly burst out laughing and people sitting close by come and ask what happened hahah
it keeps on thinking silly things..

pooja said...

really...when u look back...u tend to wish u hd done or nt done certain things....whtever we do is a game of the mind...sometimes we do it without even thats the sub-conscious mind....!!

abha said...

all are talking about games here :P i must contribute too! TURN IT IN is what i suggest the title to be.

anand said...

had a good time reading these comments..nice to c all scholars giving their bit of theory on THE MIND :)

Dhandal said...

Suresh: True that if your mind is busy you have no time to think of anything else. But the tough part is when ur mind is freee how do you keep it entertained or rather how it keeps you entertained.

Pri: yup, even i smile so many times when i m by myself! Something and nything can trigger your thoughts isnt it?

Pooja: Mind keeps working round the clock. Even when you are asleep your sub conscious is awake. And that why some say na even when one is asleep n you whisper something in his ears some day later he will recollect it.

Abha: hmmmm..... (mind processing :P )

Anand: So whats your theory Mr? ;) Others are eager to read it as well.

anand said...

no theories frm me..just plain and simple..mind for me is a collection of cells which has nothin to do in our body so starts storing whatever happened in d past..and wen it feels like takin a break it starts wanderin without any reason or purpose!
ab ye sab padhke bol mat ki mera dimag kharab ho gaya!