Friday, August 07, 2009


A realisation just dawned upon me. Well as an afterthought i think its just an observation. The same phenomenon applies to a lot of people around me. People really close and people not so close yet not so far. If only i could list them all here you would have a better idea of what i was saying. But nope! Let me see if i can give you a count though. *counting* 9, the count is 9. ANSAKS'MAP.

This count will change. But when that i m unsure of. Do i want this count to change? Earlier i truly wanted it to. But now it doesn't matter.

No matter what let that smile always adorn your face.

I love you.


pooja said...

ANSAKS'MAP??wats that???btw r u back??

Sharvari said...

I cant figure out what you are talking

abha said...

the essence of the passage is in last two lines :P
why not concentrate on them?! :)

simply me! said...

Is that an acronym of something? or some people?