Sunday, January 11, 2009

Specially Yours,

This is something that i came across today in the newspaper. It was an article as how a good friend can help you live longer and better. It had a list of things that one could do to make your friends special. Just the other day we were sitting and making this P list. It was ABCs idea to make realise XYZ some important things in his life. When ABC initially told me this idea I was kinda excited cos that was like "ek teer se do nishan" We could get a few things into XYZs head and it also helped us in something else too. So ultimately all of us ended making that list. It was fun cos we got to pull each others legs too.
About the list that i read in the newspaper, it went something like this:
~ Go out to their favourite place
~ Give them a gift without any occasion.
~ Write a letter to express how they have made a difference in your life.
~ Stand by them through thick and thin.
~ Be a good listener.
~ Put up pictures of shared good times.
~ Cook them a meal or baby sit so the person can have some precious time to themselves.
~ Talk to them about the important decisions in your life.
~ Apologize when you hurt their feelings.
~ Don't hesitate to ask your friend about his/her personal life.

So when i re read the list again it felt good cos if u were to ask me to put a tick against the things i have done for my dear ones i get a 10 on 10 for it. (its either a meal or baby sitting :P )
And if i see the other way round, people who matter to me have done these things for me at some or the other point. Thanks for making me feel special. (yup, thank you too)


Sharvari said...

Friends are there to make u feel special.
Thanks for being there!

pooja said...


pooja said...

ok...the last point on the list says dnt hesitate to ask ur frend personal questions...I want to know wats this P list and who is ABC and XYZ...I can understand that XYZ is a male!!:P....Kaun hai yeh...bolo bolo!

abha said...

ahem ahem, mujhe toh pata hai!!! hehahahahah.

anand said...

talkin abt life ,apologizing for every mistake and all is so boring.....if ur friends r special u dont need to go thru any list...theyl feel special even without u telling anything...

aur ye xyz sab kaun hai??...abha bata na!!!

Neeta Nair said...

that's pretty neat....must try out a few