Wednesday, January 07, 2009

In the Kitchen

Like till a few months back i didnt know how to make good Maggi, I just found out today that i m hopeless at boiling eggs too :P
I have got hold of making some good maggi these days but i still remain bad with eggs. So if anyone of u can tell me for how many mins does one have to boil the egg for then it will be great!

You gotta help me out cos after ruining two eggs my hands stinking with that smell.

But for the unknown i m not this bad in the kitchen usually.

Till then Guten Appetite


anand said...

i want eggless cake!!!!!!....learn how to make it as soon as u can!!!!
then i can tell u how good u r in d kitchen!!! :)

pooja said...

u need to boil the egg till the crack begins to appear re!!

Neeta Nair said...

lolol......amazing i m not the only one