Thursday, December 11, 2008


*Off late i have had interesting conversations with ppl ard me. Secrets are coming out. Yet there are so many things that i m still oblivious to. (Yes even you are yet to tell me the whole deal). My constant pestering has worked but not in many cases. 'When time comes' is such a convenient phrase to delay talks. Well i have used that too so i m not complaining at all.

*In this last month of college many of us have become regular, not for lectures of course but for many other things. Dec is month packed with activities and many of them are involved in it so its turning out to be fun as well as tiring.

*Last time round when i posted abt the restaurants in n ard my place i realized that there isnt much choice. Even today as we are planning to go out for lunch the options are the same.

# i'll surely keep u updated with the interesting conversations that i come across in the days to come. ;)

Till Then.

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anand said...

waiting 4 d interesting conversations!!!!