Friday, October 03, 2008


Have you woken up to something as beautiful as this?
Its 12 in the noon. You are still in bed. The door bed rings twice and u ignore it. It rings again. The lazy you finally manages to get up. Hunts for the specs. And opens the door to find a beautiful surprise.
Thank you so very much to make my day so wonderfully beautiful.
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anand said...

wonderful...whos this??
give him my address too :)

abha said...

its gorgeous!

simply me! said...

wow!!its such an amazing one ya! i was stunned and excited on the phone itself when u told me about the bouqet..can imagine how shocked u must have got seeing it!! :)

Dhandal said...

i know they are gorgeous and simply beautiful. I was stunned by its beauty.

pooja said...

its beautiful...but u know me...more than finding them beautiful am more anxious 2 know as to who sent them to u??

abha said...

haan re kaun hai? mujhe bhi nahi bataya ..:D