Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For your taste buds

I have always been asked this question: Which is the best place to dine out here?
and although i have lunched and dined at most of the places around my area i still cant come up with one place that is really great.

All of them have either one or two things good to their credit. So it just struck me why dont i just jot down all the good bad n ugly things about restaurants i have visited.

The list is still in the making and as and when new developments happen the list will be updated.

So for the foodies like me heres something tempting for everyone!

1) Riveria serves good Dry Gobi Manchurian.
Don't order a Shorba at Riveria.
3) Never order Chinese or Sizzlers from Veg Sizzlers. Its at Kanakia Spaces.
4) Veg Grilled Sandwich is really good at Veg Sizzlers.
5) For a pizza dial Pizza Hut any time. No wait their timings are 1pm to 11pm.
6) Little Bite
is the place for Pav Bhajji.
7) The best Rajasthani food is served at Rajdhani. The closest to my place is at Nirmal Life Style, Mulund.
8) Kathiyawadi is another good place for gujrathi and Rajashtni thali. Its a long drive from Thane towards Godhbandar Rd which heads towards Mira Rd i suppose.
9) I wouldnt recommend Cottage which is near to Neelkanth Hights.
10) Rangla Punjab is a fine place with good ambience and a little heavy on pockets but serves good food. Its ahead of Eden Woods.
11) Ramji NO comments :P
12) Shiv Sagar is a decently good restaurant on Ram Maruti Road.
13) Only Parathas best place with a large variety of mouth watering parathas. Not as heavy on pockets as on your stomach. Nearest is at Nirmal Life Style.

Leave in your suggestions and names of other res. i have missed out in the comments section. I will keep updating the list.


abha said...

Shagun is a life saver!!and u dint even mention it!! what if it doesnt serve tea at 11pm....

anand said...

dont u like mandarin magic??? :P

Saurabh said...

Rudy's forest cafe at cine wonder....

thn little expensive one....Vihang's (i/f cine wonder)

thn we have dominos(putting up a challange with Pizza hut)